First Cannabis License Granted for Medicinal Products in Guernsey

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The license issued for the cultivation of medicinal-based cannabis products is a Guernsey-first and an exciting development in UK cannabis.

The first license for the cultivation of cannabis-based medicinal products has been granted in Guernsey and represents an exciting development of the island’s emerging cannabis sector, Guernsey Press reports.

Guernsey has established the same licensing framework with the UK as Jersey and the Isle of Man, via a memorandum of understanding with the UK Home Office. This was established to ensure that Guernsey cannabis businesses are on a level playing field with competitors.

The license was issued to 4C LABS by the Bailiwick of Guernsey Cannabis Agency (BGCA), which was established by the Committee for Health & Social Care. Six other applications were also placed and a number of businesses have invested in setting up, but 4C is the only one to be licensed at this stage.

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded a license by the States of Guernsey and to have met the regulatory standards required by the Home Office,” Greg Dobbin, CEO of 4C LABS, told GCI.

“4C LABS has been working closely with the States of Guernsey for 2 years on this project. The issuance of this license creates great opportunities for Guernsey in terms of diversified economic development and the ability to provide job opportunities to the States of Guernsey.”

Each license application is reviewed jointly by the BGCA and the UK Home Office, concluding with a site inspection. Unsuccessful applicants receive detailed feedback to support them in making the necessary changes to secure a license upon reapplication. The cultivation of cannabis without a license remains strictly prohibited in Guernsey.

Health and Social Care president, Al Brouard, said in conversation with Guernsey Press that he was delighted to approve the application, congratulating the company on their success. He continues to state the significance of the first license as representative of the efficacy of the regulatory framework agreed with the UK.

“The Medical Cannabis industry is a nascent one in the UK,” writes Dobbin, “but as we saw in Canada, there is an overwhelming need for non-addictive, safe plant-based medicines to treat health conditions in the UK and Guernsey.”

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