Five Year Recreational Cannabis Pilot Proposed in Denmark

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Danish politicians across five political parties have submitted a proposal for a recreational adult-use cannabis pilot, modelled on the system currently in place in the country’s capital, Mugglehead Magazine reports.

The plan presented in the Danish Parliament earlier this month called on the government to begin legislating for the scheme that will legalize recreational cannabis use for five years.

Medical cannabis is already legal in Denmark, as part of a four-year pilot set up in 2018.

The cannabis pilot proposal in Denmark

Similarly to the program in Copenhagen, the bill will legalize sales at state-controlled outlets, where it will be legal for Danish citizens to purchase, possess, grow and consume cannabis for personal use.

The bill will be implemented by setting up public outlets in Danish municipalities that wish to join the scheme.

Cannabis retailers will be staffed with knowledgeable individuals trained to give informed advice regarding the risks, benefits and treatment options of cannabis.

Cannabis products will be priced competitively to undermine the illicit market and buyers must be 18 or over and residents in Denmark.

Why is Denmark piloting cannabis legalization?

According to the bill’s parliamentary document, the 40-year cannabis ban has not limited the consumption or sale of cannabis products in Denmark since its introduction.

Statistics indicate that in 2020, 41% of young people had smoked cannabis, with consumption among 16-44 year olds doubling since the mid-1990s. This means that the existing laws criminalize almost half of the country’s citizens.

By legalizing cannabis, Denmark is driving commerce away from illicit markets and establishing a legal one, which will allow profits to be distributed to prevention and substance abuse treatment programmes.

The proposal refers to schemes in Portugal, the US and Canada, where the data shows that there is no evidence that legalization increases cannabis consumption, even among young people.

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