GCI Virtual Summit Thought Leader – Angus Taylor, Infused Products International

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GCI Virtual Summit Thought Leader – Angus Taylor, Infused Products International (IPI)

Angus participated as a thought leader at the GCI Virtual Summit 2020, joining 1000+ registered global leaders in both cannabis and psychedelics.

Check out his bio below:

Angus Taylor is the CEO of Infused Products International (IPI). A long-time entrepreneur, Angus has brought his focus on business development, strategy, innovation, and new market development to a variety of industries over his career.

He devoted himself fully to the cannabis industry in 2015, well in advance of the legalization of Canada’s recreational cannabis market, and went on to found NewLeaf Cannabis, one of Canada’s most successful retail cannabis brands to date with 23 stores operating in Alberta, the most competitive Canadian market. Since the successful launch of NewLeaf, Angus has been working with both local and international businesses to help them understand and strategize the best path to success in the incredibly competitive cannabis landscape.

With markets opening around the world to CBD and to cannabis products, Angus Taylor co-founded IPI, the parent company of Infused Amphora, to bring his deep understanding and experience in brand building, innovation, and product formulation to the creation of a category redefining inhalable vapes.

Launching in the UK in September 2020, Infused Amphora products source the highest-quality CBD distillate, and are formulated with tailored terpene blends designed to deliver specific experiences such as athletic recovery, sleep, inspiration, and tranquillity. Under Angus’s leadership and with the insight and experience of an expert-led team, Amphora is set to grow from six products to 24 by Q1, 2021.

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