GCI Virtual Summit Thought Leader – Carly Barton, Cancard

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GCI Virtual Summit Thought Leader – Carly Barton, Cancard

Carly participated as a thought leader at the GCI Virtual Summit 2020, joining 1000+ registered global leaders in both cannabis and psychedelics.

Check out her bio below:

Carly Barton is a former lecturer in the Arts with a creative background that includes exhibiting at the Tate and the Saatchi gallery. After having to give up her role due to health problems, she discovered that Medical Cannabis was not only a more appropriate, but also more effective, substitute for Opioids to treat her Fibromyalgia and post-stroke Neuropathy.

Carly now advocates for patient access to Medical Cannabis as an advisor to all patient advocacy groups in the UK, as well as many international organisations.

Carly Barton was the first person in the UK to receive a prescription for herbal Cannabis privately since the law change in 2018. After not being able to sustain the costs of this, she is working tirelessly with government organisations in order to progress NHS prescriptions, with the hope of setting a precedent for other patients to follow.

She is involved in many projects that seek to establish wider access to Medical Cannabis in the UK, most notably launching Carly’s Amnesty which set the stage for Cancard, a collaborative project that has seen her connect high level police forces, doctors, patients and MPs in a scheme that reduces the fear 1.1 million cannabis consumers have around interference from the police.

Her work on Cancard has seen her garner international press coverage and awards for her dedication to advocacy and change for patients who require the use of this life changing medicine.

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