GCI Virtual Summit Thought Leader – Nana Shuni Giron

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GCI Virtual Summit Thought Leader – Nana Shuni Giron

Shuni Giron participated as a thought leader at the GCI Virtual Summit 2020, joining 1000+ registered global leaders in both cannabis and psychedelics.

Check out her bio below:

Nana Shuni Giron is an internationally recognized Guatemalan Ceremonial leader, Mayan Ajq’iij – Maya Calendars Day Keeper and spiritual guide. She has doctorate in naturopathic medicine and alternative therapies. She is shamanic plant healer and teacher that specializes in spiritual psychotherapy and shamanic rituals.

She has led many Mayan sacred fires, psychotherapeutic collectives and individual sessions all around the world. Additionally, she is a spokesperson for conscious psychedelics in indigenous summits and international world festivals.

Nana Shuni Giron is a lifelong environmentalist. Her family founded ARCAS 30 years ago, an association of wild life rescue centers in Guatemala and believes that our relationship to nature and earth is vital to personal health and to the health of the planet.

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