Government of Rwanda Assigns Land for Medical Cannabis Production

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The government of Rwanda continues to develop its framework for a legal cannabis industry, having recently earmarked 134 hectares of land for production, reports The New Times.

This follows the 2021 declaration that Rwanda would follow other nations to embrace the medical cannabis industry and would put plans in place for the cultivation and exportation of the plant.

Legal Cannabis in Rwanda

It is understood the land assigned for cannabis production is currently in development, in anticipation of being occupied by industry tenants.

Whilst licenses are thought not to have been issued yet, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) are currently in conversation with a number of companies, keen to be first-movers in the country’s legal cannabis industry.

“RDB has been working with other government stakeholders to assess proposals received. The government of Rwanda set a rigorous process to select companies that have or are partnering with companies that have previous experience in the production of cannabis for medical and therapeutic reasons” read a statement issued by the RDB.

It continued by saying that “the assessment process has different stages. So far 5 companies are in the advanced stage”.

Cannabis as an Economic Driver for Rwanda

As research and practical application of cannabis medicines continue to chip away at tired taboos surrounding the plant, countries across the globe have identified the industry as a potential economic catalyst.

The need for a financial injection has become even more pronounced over the last two years, as the shockwaves from the COVID-19 pandemic have and continue to wreak havoc on the economy.

Rwanda is thought to be focussing on the export of medical cannabis, seeking to achieve a competitive advantage over North American and European operators by having significantly lower production costs than their global counterparts.

Albeit the country will soon permit the legal production of medical cannabis, recreational use of the plant stays firmly illegal in Rwanda for the time being.

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