Israeli Study Shows New Cannabis Treatment Kills Cancer Cells

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Israeli cannabis start-up publishes findings showing their cannabis product improves the efficacy of existing cancer treatments by 600%.

A new cell model study conducted by physicians at the Hadassah Medical Center has shown up to a six-fold improvement in killing breast cancer cells over existing treatments, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Israeli start-up Cannabotech reported the findings of the trial examining the efficacy of their CannaboBreast product earlier this week. Cannabotech develops medical products based on cannabis and fungal extracts.

The experiment showed that combining the cannabis treatment – a composition of cannabinoids – with chemotherapy increases the mortality of cancer cells from 10% to 60%.

In addition to increasing the effectiveness of existing treatments, Cannabotech purports that it may be possible to increase the body’s ability to kill cancer cells while significantly reducing chemotherapy doses. This is expected to dramatically reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and provide healing for patients who are currently unable to undergo radiation treatment due to its debilitating side effects.

Cannabotech’s CEO Elchanan Shaked celebrated this milestone in the company’s progress in integrative medicine, stating that the cancer treatment they have developed is intended for use in combination with chemotherapy in several cancers.

Senior oncologist Tami Peretz, who worked on the study, confirms that the study bears very impressive and promising results in laboratory-tested cell cultures. Based on these findings, the possibility of integrating these products into the treatment of breast cancer patients can be explored. She added that a significant proportion of active cancer patients are currently treated with cannabis in parallel with conventional treatment.

These integrative cannabis products are unique in the field right now because they combine several active agents while being developed to standards similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry.

The leading start-up hopes to launch these products commercially in Israel and in the US in the second half of 2022, defining a new standard for the medical cannabis industry.

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