Professionally Cannabis EP54 – Dr. Ethan Russo, CReDO Science

Dr. Ethan Russo - CReDO Science - Professionally Cannabis Podcast - GCI Content Hub

Dr. Ethan Russo, Founder & CEO, CReDO Science

The hosts had the absolute honour of speaking with cannabis legend, Dr. Ethan Russo, Founder & CEO of CReDO Science.

As, quite literally, one of the pioneering researchers in cannabis, and someone whose insights underpin much of the modern day understanding of the plant and the ECS, Ethan is truly a Rockstar guest for the pod. Over the episode we chat through, of course, what led him to the plant, his learnings from working with companies such as GW Pharmaceuticals, and the role that minor cannabinoids are playing in his current research projects at CReDO Science.

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